Adwords Digger Review - Legit or Scam?

Published: 10th May 2011
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Product Description

AdWords Digger is a software application which is specifically designed to help pay per click marketers do a better job of identifying profitable websites for their placement targeting campaigns on the Google Content Network. The product is free to download and has been used and recommended by such pay per click experts as Gauher Chaudry.

Detailed Overview

If you have ever tried to launch a placement targeting campaign on the Google Content Network, then you may have found it to be quite a challenge. The basic idea behind a placement targeting campaign is that, as an advertiser, you're able to select the websites that your ad will appear on. Unfortunately, finding websites that are likely to be a good match for your keywords is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. If you're an affiliate marketer who is interested in doing placement targeting campaigns, then this short review of AdWords Digger is definitely something you want to read.

What is AdWords Digger, and how does it work?

AdWords Digger is a free software application which identifies websites in the Goolge AdSense program that are optimized for a given set of keywords. In order for Google to show AdSense ads on a website, its owner must create content around a specific theme. For example, suppose that you have a blog about women's shoes and one page in particular is about high heeled shoes. Goolge AdSense will scan the page and begin showing ads from Google AdWords advertisers who are bidding on the term "high heeled shoes".

Unfortunately, Google is not perfect and oftentimes will show ads that are unrelated to the page content which wastes its advertisers’ money if clicked on. As an advertiser, it only makes sense to want to have your ads shown on pages that are highly relevant to what you have to offer on your website. To accomplish this, an advertiser may want to consider using placement targeting and getting the most out of this process by using AdWords Digger.

AdWords Digger works by taking a keyword (or group of keywords) and then scouring the Internet in search of websites that have AdSense ads on them which are optimizing their pages for the keywords being searched. After the search has been completed, AdWords Digger will return a set of results which tells the user the exact website the ads are being shown on as well as the website’s Alexa rank. The Alexa rank is important since, as an advertiser, you would not want to place your ads on sites that get very little traffic but rather focus your efforts on higher volume websites that are optimizing for your keywords.

Once the search process is complete, all of the websites can be exported into a text file and then imported into your Google AdWords account and set up as a placement targeting campaign. By being able to precisely choose websites that are optimizing for your keywords, the likelihood of being successful with a placement targeting campaign goes up considerably.

In closing, pay per click marketing is more competitive than ever and so if you would like to gain an advantage over your rivals, consider running a placement targeting campaign. If you decide that a placement targeting campaign is something you would like to try, save yourself some time and effort by downloading a free copy of AdWords Digger.

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AdWords Digger has been used and recommended by pay per click guru Gauher Chaudry in his home study course Pay per Click Formula 2.0. The product, which was introduced in 2008, has a good reputation amongst affiliate marketers who specialize in placement targeting campaigns on the Google Content Network which is considered by many to be the largest advertising medium on the planet.

Domain "Whois"

The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The owner of "Adwords Digger" has purposely made their Whois information private. While not always a bad thing, this could mean they have something to hide.

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